14481740-10154350083901005-6545883052419629822-oExploring the medium and technique of paper-cutting became a passion of Courtney’s half way through university. She was instantly enthused, pushing her practice further into the three-dimensional realm of possibilities and design. Paper-cut dioramas and light-boxes became an inspiration into further exploration of paper craft and the method of layering paper has become prominent within her illustrations to create a sense of depth and 3D form. Having always been inspired by nature and wildlife partially animals and naturals forms is apparent in her current works. Being fonder of hands on paper approaches she puts her paper cutting and craft skills to good use, paper cutting being a key focus of her personal development as an illustrator. Using the transformative quality of lighting to bring my work to life through the use of LED’s, steering away from conventional, familiar paper- cutting approaches she like’s to play on depth and shadow to make a dramatic atheistic. Courtney likes to illustrate for all aspects of illustration from publishing, editorial and advertisement and any sort of personal commission and is keen to work on digital aspects too.


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